Monday, April 11, 2011

day 2..

was indeed rough grr... spent time trying to get a window for franny. so a friend who knows somebody, who knows somebody else, that knows another who has a junk shop..FOUND A WINDOW! i know..exciting rite? NOT! the window is not the best, but i know what you're thinking... its still a window, rite? THE PROBLEM..installation into a convertible top thats uh...not so much a convertible anymore. its kind of rigged up to keep it from flyin OFF so i have to drive extra careful*


in a nutshell: it was put in my by someone that i NOW realize SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN installing a window..ITS TRULY A MESS. i cringe at the recollection.

i dont want to seem ungrateful, because im not. so i thanked the kind sir & he was off! after all, BEFOREHAND, i had not a window at all. and NOW, i have a window thats weeeell...just look for yourself:

notice all the glue (yes glue), rupturing & puckering. and it rained today...uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

and now, im truly tired & need to rest. today was really exhausting, but im still keeping the faith in knowing somehow God will provide. so until next time, ttyl and THANKS A THOUSAND!

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